Monday, March 16, 2015

.:Sunday Funday:.

 // Sweater:  J.Crew (in love with this one) // Necklace:  Whitley V. Designs // Denim:  Joe's Jeans via Marshalls // Heels:  Target (old; trying to justify purchasing these) // Clutch:  The Providence Story (wanting to upgrade to this one)// 

Hello Everyone!  

Sorry for the delay in postings!  I've been a bit more focused on my day job but hope to be back with vengeance now.  I teach first grade by day and blog by night.  However, the past few weeks were filled with grading HUNDREDS of tests, inputting grades, and prepping for conferences.  I've been a wee bit busy but have missed this creative outlet so very much!

That being said, let's get back into life & outfits currently!  Yesterday, the husband and I spent much of our daylight hours in our front yard gardening and trying to make our yard look a little more loved (I'll spare you the pictures of me in gym clothes and dirt :)).  After we spent our day digging in the sun, we decided to take in a movie and dinner.  I decided that I wanted a casual but cute look for our outing last night.

This breezy top was perfect for the 90 degree weather we were having today and allowed for me to still stay warm as temperatures started to drop as the night went on. These jeans are just amazing.  I wish I could wear them to work…I might never wear anything else! As for these shoes, I purchased them last year at target and am completely smitten.  However, I'm lusting quite hard over the beauties linked above!  

Hope your weekend was relaxing!


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