Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Spring In Your Step

// Shirt: J.Crew // Skirt:  J.Crew // Shoes:  Nordstrom // Handbag:  Tory Burch (sold out; identical smaller version) // Necklace:  J.Crew (old; similar)//

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
I'm having a small obsessive moment with these heels from Nordstrom.  Here's a few reasons why you need them too:  

1.  They go with just about everything.  I literally cannot stop wearing them with everything from white skinnies to skirts to dresses to distressed skinnies.  They bring an instant cool factor to every single outfit that they are paired with.

2.  Their color helps your legs to look a little longer.  I mean, what girl doesn't want that?!

3.  The thick heel makes them as comfortable to walk in as wedges.  I've worn them through multiple eleven hour work days where I have been on my feet all day.  In fact, my fitness app said that I reached 10,000 steps in these babies today and my feet have never felt better!  Girls, you need them for the comfort & style combination alone!

I hope your week is off to a great start!  

Monday, April 27, 2015


// Sweater:  J.Crew // Skirt:  J.Crew // Heels:  Nordstrom // Necklace: Stella & Dot // Clutch:  The Providence Story (love this version too) //

I'm pretty sure that my motto for spring has become "please wear at least one color that could be found in a box of highlighters a day."  I am completely in love with brights for spring.  It's as if they are able to easily display the fact that Winter is now a memory and we are getting into brighter, sunnier days.
What speaks to you that is completely spring?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

.:Friday Eve:.

 // Cardigan:  Old Navy // Tee:  Victoria's Secret // Denim: Gap // Flats:  Valentino (similar options for under $90 here & under $30 here)// Handbag:  Rebecca Minkoff // Hat:  Target //

Hi Everyone!  Here's another quick way to style a super bright colored mini bag!  By adding it to an outfit full of neutrals (in this case I chose blush pink, gray, and white), you easily make yourself look chic and have the ability to add some fun accessories without any hassle of "does this match what I'm wearing?!"  

 Hope your Friday Eve was wonderful! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

.:Three Obsessions:.

// Sweater:  J.Crew (old; love this one even more) // Denim:  Joe's Jeans // Flats:  Valentino (very similar under $90 here & under $30 here) // Handbag:  Rebecca Minkoff (option for under $40 here) // Fedora:  Target // 

As I'm sure you have figured out by now, I've become pretty smitten with three things:  the color blush, outfits that consist of mainly neutrals, and small brightly colored mini bags.  This outfit encompasses all three of my current obsessions.  Here's some insight into why I'm so in love with all three of these:

I feel like I cannot create an outfit lately without this fabulous color in it.  In fact, it's all that I seem to want to purchase.  It's just so springy and goes with EVERYTHING that you pair it with.  The subtle hints of blush on my nails and flats give this outfit a girly edge.

.:Neutral Colored Outfits:.
I'm sure that you've noticed if you've been reading my blog, I've become quite obsessed with wearing almost all neutrals.  I think that I'm loving it so much because it typically presents itself in such an effortless manner.  However, my favorite thing about neutral colored outfits is that it allows you to throw on a BRIGHT pop of color in your outfit so very easily!

.:Bright Mini Handbags:.
Mini handbags are my ultimate favorite lately.  I cannot get enough of them.  I'm not someone that carries a ton in her handbag, but if I'm given the room I typically let the stuff pile up all week and never clean out my handbag.  This typically gives me a pretty heavy bag by the weekend.  The beauty of mini bags is that I cannot do that.  Every night, for literally ten seconds, I am forced to tidy up my handbag.  I love the easiness that it adds to my daily routine.  I'm also smitten with their hands-free nature and the adorableness of their size.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Shades of Green

//Sweater:  Banana Republic // Necklace:  Whitley V. Designs // Denim:  Joe's Jeans //
// Handbag: YSL // Sunnies:  Ray Ban //

This lovely little handbag has a funny story behind her.  When my husband and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon this past summer, we were wandering through the shops in Waikiki and we just so happened to pop into Saint Laurent.  I wandered around the store carrying this purse for quite some time.  However, since the hotel comped us some extra time on the island, we decided to stay a few extra days in Hawaii and repurchase our plane tickets home.  That being said, I felt incredibly guilty purchasing a handbag, and sadly, left her in Hawaii.  Being the handbag lover that I am, I never got her out of my mind.  This past month, I came across her again and I knew she had to be mine.  I decided the only way to justify her was to "exchange" her for things in my closet.  I listed so many items on my @shopallthingstiffanyblue instagram account and sold quite a few of them (there are still some great deals on that account that you all should head over to see!). "Exchanging" pieces of my wardrobe for her was one of my best decisions! I love when the stars all seem to align!


Thursday, April 9, 2015


 //Sweater:  J.Crew (old; love this option) // Skirt:  J.Crew // Heels:  Amazon (a great deal!) // Handbag:  Celine // Sunnies:  Ray Ban //

Two colors have my heart this spring.  I'm sure that you've guessed from other blogposts that blush is one of them.  The other color that has completely stolen my heart is anything in a bright neon-esque yellow/chartreuse/citron color!  I'm absolutely obsessed!  In fact, I have a strong feeling that this color will be on serious repeat this spring and summer for me!  

When I happened upon this skirt, there wasn't a beat that was skipped in between the time that I saw it and had to try it on.  It's just such a happy color!  In fact, all day at work today I was told how bright and happy my outfit was!  Those kind of compliments are always good in my book!

By the way, these heels are an absolute steal!  I had been hunting for a pair of bow heels for a while and it always seemed as though my size was sold out by the time I found whatever pair seemed to come across.  These were shipped from overseas and did take a week or two to deliver. Even at that, they were well worth the wait.  Another perk of them is that they are at an affordable price, too!

Happy Almost Friday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

spring inspiration


// Shirt:  J.Crew // Denim:  Gap // Heels:  Nordstrom // Lipstick:  YSL // Clutch:  Tory Burch // Sunnies:  Ray Ban//

Here's a little inspiration of a Spring outfit that I cannot wait to wear! Lately, I have been absolutely in love with neutrals paired with one or two bright statement pieces.  By adding this bright yellow clutch, it brings fresh new life & springy color into this chic classic look.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


 // Dress:  Pree Brulee // Heels:  Target (old; similar here for under $30; I recently purchased these here) // Necklace: Nest (this season's version) // Handbag:  Saint Laurent // Sunnies: Rayban //

This dress was made for springtime and Easter!  I have been searching for a white lace shift dress for so long.  Every time I tried one on, I hated how it looked on my body.  When I saw this cute little white dress pop up online, I snagged it right away and hoped for the best.  I have to say, not only is the quality awesome, but it fit perfectly!  I am now chomping at the bit to go back and purchase a few more shift dresses from them as I am so impressed with this one.  

Now, back to Easter…

We spent Easter family hopping.  We spent some time with my fabulous in-laws who provided us with great company, an egg hunt, and a mechanical bull to ride!  It was absolutely hilarious to watch some of my family (including my husband) see how long they could stay on the bull!  We then ventured over to my parents' house for dinner.  We were surprised with the amazing news, from my little brother and his wife, that we are going to be an auntie and uncle!  You can better believe we are thrilled for them and can't wait to spoil this little one to pieces! :)

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope your Easter was egg-ceptional!