Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Basics and Life Updates

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

This past week has been beyond eventful in my little life!  

…The Wonderful Side of Life...
I'm beyond excited to announce that I'm now an Aunt!  My little brother & his wife had their first child this past week and I'm so excited to be able to cuddle my nephew to pieces again very soon!  I'm so thrilled to have a new little person in the family!

….The Blah Side of Life…
Driving home from a fabulous weekend spent with my Mom, I hit two wild boars with my car and now my poor car is out of commission.  Thankfully, I'm fine, my car is fixable, and I have a fantastic hubby who doesn't mind being my chauffeur while it's being mended.

I adore pairing simple basics together with fun accessories for added appeal and a stylistic touch.  I firmly believe that good basics are the foundation to good style.  If you have good basics in your wardrobe, building a good outfit is a breeze.  In thinking about it minimalistically, then adding accessories to create personality, you can always ensure a good cohesive outfit.  Thus, the basics of this outfit (the black jacket, striped shirt, and destroyed denim) shine when paired with fun accessories (like this red handbag and bow flats).  

Hope your week is going well!  Thanks for stopping by!


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