Thursday, January 30, 2014

How to Print Mix

One of my favorite ways to make my outfits interesting is by print mixing.  Honestly, most of the time I pick a piece of clothing to start with and hold it up to everything in my closet until I find something that it pops with.  However, some ways to guarantee a fast easy mix is by taking into account a few suggestions:

*Mix prints that have a color that repeats in both pieces.  For example, if you choose a navy striped sweater, pair it with a white shirt with navy polka dots.  By choosing a color that is echoed in both, you guarantee a cohesive look.
*Combine structured prints (example: stripes) with loose prints (like florals, polka dots, etc).
*Combine big prints with small prints.  For example, combine a large striped sweater with a thin striped button up.
*Leopard is a neutral.  It goes with anything and everything.  

Why These Outfits Work:

Here are some examples of how I have mixed prints in my own wardrobe in the last few months:
(almost every combination is J.Crew)
This works because the color pattern of the navy and white shirt is echoed in the skirt's navy dots.  Also, the anchor print on the blouse is small in juxtaposition to the larger dots on the skirt.

The color pattern of the sweater's navy hearts is mimicked in the polka dot popover's navy dots.  

The blazer's structured stripes are easily mixed with the smaller whimsical print of the dot shirt.  In addition, the blazer has a bolder print than the shirt.  Finally, the color pattern of black and white is mimicked in both.

The color patterns of the plaid shirt and skirt echo one another.  Furthermore, the structured nature of the plaid shirt is balanced with the loose polka dot print of the skirt.

The vest and shirt echo the same color pattern and balance one another with the combination of structured and loose prints.

Leopard is a neutral and works well with many prints. 

The sweater and shirt both use the same color palette.

 The combination of the vest, sweater, and shirt work well together because they all have the same black color echoed throughout.  Furthermore, there is a balance of loose (sweater) and structured prints (vest and shirt).

Happy Print Mixing!



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