Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ultimate Shoe Coveting

It's no secret that I love shoes…probably more than any person should.  Shoes always fit and are oftentimes, what I center many of my outfits around.  That said, my collection is by no means the biggest, but it is quite extensive.  For me, bad days often equate to buying shoes.  Furthermore, good days equate to fancy footwear purchases...I mean, a girl has to celebrate!  They are by far my favorite thing to buy. Below is a snapshot of my ever-growing collection.  What can I say? Shoes have my heart!

With shoes being my ultimate weakness, it should come as no surprise that I have an ever present wish list of dream shoes racked away in my brain at any given time.

This month, I was able to get ahold these sweet babies that have been on my covet list for a long long time:

The Ultimate Covet List:

These are the shoes that have stolen my heart and someday will (cross my fingers) make their way into my closet.

 //Valentino Flats // Valentino Rockstud Pumps // 

//Christian Louboutin So Kate // Christian Louboutin Pigalle//

 //Chanel Flats//

Do you girls have shoe mania like I do? What's on your covet list?

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