Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Signature Style

We have pieces in our closet that totally encapsulate who we are in terms of fashion.  Pieces that scream our name.  Pieces that we have become one with.  Pieces we can be recognized by.  These are your signature pieces.  Here are a few of my signatures:

Watch & Bracelet Stack :  

This is my main signature.  These are the 4 pieces that I feel are the most "me" of anything that I own. I will be honest:  No matter what the outfit, from super dressy to completely casual, 99% of the time, you can find me wearing this exact bracelet/watch stack combination.  I treasure every single piece of this stack. It's been a work in progress for almost 12 years.

The Tiffany Heart Tag Bracelet was a 16th birthday gift from my parents that I've worn on a daily basis for almost 12 years.  This was the piece that started my love affair with the store.

The Tiffany Heart Lock bracelet was a birthday gift from my future H last year.

The Tiffany Bead bracelet was a valentine's day gift from my future H one of the first valentines days we celebrated together about 5 years ago.

The Michele Signature Deco Diamond, Diamond Dial watch is probably the most cherished item that I have in my wardrobe.  I saved for this baby…it's been worth every penny.  This is a piece that I am positive I will still be wearing and loving 20 years from now.

Necklace Layering:

On any given day, you can most certainly catch me wearing a good statement necklace (or three) paired together in order to add visual interest to any outfit.  In case you are interested, a "How To" post of necklace layering is currently in the works.
 //Necklaces: J.Crew (old); J. Crew Factory//

Leopard Flats

 As far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral.  It literally matches everything.  I have to stop myself from wearing these babies every single day.
//Steve Madden Flats (similar)//

Print Mixing:

For me, mixing different prints is like an art project.  There's nothing better than an outfit with visual interest created through adding & combining different textures and prints.  A future post on how to print mix will be happening in the near future.
 //Scarf:  Zara (sold out) // Vest:  J.Crew (sold out) // Striped Shirt:  Loft //
//Pleather Leggings:  Express // Flats:  Steve Madden //


I'm a sucker for anything and everything with bows.  On an almost daily basis you can find something on me that has bows on it. They add a girly appeal to any outfit.
//Tory Burch Aimee // Tory Burch Azalea // Kate Spade Audrina//

Signature Style is about finding the things that make you smile.  They're the things that make you feel empowered when wearing and make you feel the most like you.  

Happy Styling!




  1. I wasn't show obsessed until a few years ago. I wear a 9 1/2 to 10 so I always hated my bigger feet but around the time that I turned 30, I finally started to embrace myself (even the things I dislike) & I decided to start enjoying shoes & its been great. I really got over that insecurity! I don't have any designer shoes yet but one day!
    As far as my signature jewelry, mines very similar to yours! I wear my large heart tag return to Tiffany bracelet, then my Tiffany ball bead bracelet & I have a Michael Kors watch that is the exact shape as yours but its two toned!
    Love your style!

    1. I wish I wasn't shoe obsessed! It's hard to get over an insecurity…Good for you!