Tuesday, May 19, 2015

.:Pops of Yellow:.

//Shirt:  J.Crew // Pants:  Gap // Shoes:  Nordstrom (on mega sale!!!) // Handbag:  Rebecca Minkoff //  Hat:  Target // Necklace:  I Crave Jewels //

I completely believe that classic shapes in fresh new prints and colors make some of the best outfits.  The skinny pants and basic chambray are utter classics.  They will transcend time.  However, in adding fun colors (like the necklace and bag) and interesting shoes, the outfit is able to have a modern flair.  These little elements create just enough interest to make it have some specialness to it.  In the morning, when I'm running late, these are the easiest type of outfits to pull together.  In that I mean, those that are classic in nature by have one of two pops of color (through a bag, necklace, or shoes) to bring it to life.

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