Tuesday, April 8, 2014

.:Blanket Scarf & Stripes:.

//Blanket Scarf:  Zara // Striped Sweater:  Loft // Denim:  Paige (similar) // Flats:  Steve Madden (though I actually wore these with the outfit for the day)//

Spring has almost fully sprung here.  However, I'm clinging to the last bits of Winter while I still can.  I'm one of those crazy people that would much rather be cold.  We moved about an hour away from our old home.  However, the temperatures could be up to about 30 degrees different between the two places.  Our old home always had fog that rolled in and cooled everything way down at night (which I weirdly loved) and our new home does not.  In the summer, the heat lingers here.  That said, I'm grasping every bit of cold air while it's still semi lingering.  



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