Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gift Guide: Beauty Maven

Hi Everyone!
Over the next few weeks, I plan on posting various gift guides to help you shop for all the lovely people in your life!  Today, we are focusing on the beauty maven.  This is the person in your life that is OBSESSED with makeup/skincare.  I find myself falling into this category often!  I mean, what girl doesn't love to experiment with makeup?!
As a self-professed beauty connoisseur, I absolutely adore trying new products! I would completely be over the moon to receive any of these beauty pieces as gifts this holiday season! These are all products I know and love or are dying to get my hands on!  Specifically, way up on my wish list are the Makeup CaseChanel cremeGlamGlow Thirsty Mud, and the Tom Ford Cafe Rose (number one on my beauty wish list)!  However, I know that I personally, just like many of you, would just about do cartwheels if you unwrapped any of these fantastic pieces under the tree!
Stay tuned later this week for my personal holiday wish list!
Happy Shopping!
gift guide: beauty

Row One: 

Row Two:

Row Three:
//  Tom Ford Cafe Rose Perfume  //

Row Four:
//  Fresh Sugar Lip Kit //

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