Monday, March 17, 2014

.:Current Favorite Nail Polishes:.

Collecting nail polish has been one of my vices for a few years now.  I had french gel nails for six years straight.  Once I removed them a few years ago, I went nail polish crazy and haven't really stopped since.  Essie has become my favorite in terms of nail polish brands.  The skinny brush and fantastic formulas are almost always a hit for me.  

Since the weather here can't really seem to decide if its winter or spring yet, I haven't really been able to fully let go of all of my favorite winter polishes.  However, I have started introducing my favorite spring colors to my nail polish lineup.  That said, these are the best of both.  Here are my current favorite colors that have been in heavy rotation:

The Neutrals:

//OPI Taupe-less Beach (from the newest OPI collection) // Essie Chinchilly (my most used polish of all time) // OPI You Don't Know Jacques (a favorite of mine for years) // Essie Smokin' Hot (neutral with a tinge of purple for interest) //

The Brights:

//Orly Beach Cruiser (literally the best neon pink there ever was; which is much brighter in person) // Essie French Affair (an amazing basic light pink) // Essie Mint Candy Apple // Essie Turquoise & Caicos (fabulously close to Tiffany blue) // Marc Jacobs Lola (the best red for my skin tone that I've encountered) //

Happy Polishing!



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  1. I'm such a nail polish hoarder!! I've become a huge fan of Sally Hansen nail polishes - they seem to chip less than essie or you have a certain top coat you use to help the polish last longer?!