Tuesday, September 2, 2014

.:Labor Day Weekend Haul:.

I did a little Labor Day Weekend shopping and thought that I would share my finds with you!  Most of the items are still on sale! 

This candle smells like complete heaven.  After I brought it home, I was stunned at how much fragrance it filled our home with.  I will be purchasing more of these lovelies when this runs out.

Bath & Body Works had these candles on sale for $11 at my local store.  That being said, I couldn't pass it up!

Pottery Barn:
The hubs and I had one last wedding gift card for the glorious pottery barn.  We spent it on the following two items.  I have placed the arrow cloche on our bookcase in our living room and have purchased 3 of the pillows to use as Euro pillows on our bed.  I absolutely love them!

I stared at these pumps for a few weeks before I bit the bullet on them.  They seem wonderful and I can't wait to wear them this week.  The best part about this fabulous pair of shoes is that I got them for 40% off!

In my mind, camo is never a bad idea.  I picture this with a hot pink pencil skirt or a lace skirt to add a girlie edge to an otherwise boyish ensemble.  It is still 40% off!

I ran out of my foundation and needed to pick up a new one.  I wore MAC for years.  As much as I love it, it breaks me out like no other!  This LM foundation doesn't!  I love the simple to use formula and easy packaging! For those curious, I wear number 5.

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