Tuesday, October 7, 2014

.:Forever 21 Find:.

//Sweater:  Forever 21 (purchased in store a few days ago; love this) // Tee: Victoria's Secret //Denim:  Hudson // Flats:  DSW//

Hi Everyone!
I am so dreaming of Fall!  While I spent my day in a chilly air conditioned classroom, when I walked outside the temperatures had reached 105 degrees!  Needless to say, this sweater kept me plenty warm inside today but couldn't be worn outside at all!  

I'll be completely honest.  I despise Forever 21.  I love the prices.  However, the majority of their items are poor quality crapola.  I'm kind to my clothes.  Almost everything gets washed on the gentle cycle with Woolite & line dried.  That being said, almost every time I wash something from F21, it comes out of the washer looking less than beautiful.  I hate pulling out a shirt that I really thought was adorable only to find a hole in it or a ripped seam because their quality is so dreadful.  It kills me.  That explains why I rarely shop there.  However, there are those rare instances when I will wander through the store and something catches my eye that seems to have decent quality.  This sweater was one of them.  It's thick and somewhat luxe feeling.  I hope it washes well but I'm optimistic for this one!  I guess what I'm trying to say is that while the majority of F21 seems to me to be a waste of your money (because most of the time you wear something once and it dies), there are real hidden gems if you look hard enough.  Personally I would rather have one good quality sweater from J.Crew than 4 ones that will fall apart from F21.  Thus, while you won't see me in too many F21 pieces (read this article for my philosophy on why), I do plan to pop back in for a good treasure hunt now and again.


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