Monday, October 6, 2014

.:San Francisco Shopping:.

This weekend was so busy.  We went to San Francisco for my hair appointment (yes, I literally drive 2.5 hours just for a haircut! Despite how crazy you may think I am, it is worth it!)  I chopped 8 inches off of my mane.  Pictures of the new do will hopefully happen tomorrow; the photographer (my dear sweet hubby) and I weren't' home during the daylight hours at the same time all weekend.  Growing it out for the wedding and heat styling it galore made for so many split ends.  Suffice to say, it was time for a cut.

While I was in the salon, my hubby walked down to Chinatown & found a necklace super similar to that which I have literally been hunting through every TJ Maxx/Neiman's in our area for: 

I am in love with Jasper!  He was able to find mine in a small shop but I found an identical version for you on Etsy here!

After leaving the salon giggly over a new hairdo with a fabulous new necklace in tow, we headed to lunch & some high end boutique window shopping.  While I really thought that I might come home with something super shiny and new (ideally a new Hermes Clic Clac or a new Chanel brooch) I was so indecisive that I left the Financial District with nothing and wandered over to the mall.

Nordstrom never disappoints and I bit the bullet on the jacket that I've been drooling over since mid summer:

The one purchase that I'm annoyed that I didn't go back to get is from Tory Burch!  My feet were KILLING me and I couldn't bear to walk a few blocks out of the way to go get them when shipping is free!  Tory Burch is still having their fabulous Friends & Family sale (it ends tonight!).  I plan on using some of the money gained from selling things from my own closet in order to purchase a pair or two today before the sale ends.  Time will tell if I bite the bullet or not.  Here are the two pairs I'm loving!

The City was beautiful as always and I can't wait to go back to explore & gain more fashion inspiration very soon!



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