Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Investment Pieces

Hello Dolls!
Winter is still here in California thanks to El Nino!  I wore this look this week with rain boots to combat a particularly rainy day then changed into heels once the weather cleared up.  
There are two pieces in this outfit that are WORTH THE INVESTMENT!

I must say that if there's one investment piece that you need in your closet other than a handbag, it should be a trench coat.  Now, that being said, you can go luxury like I have (because I know that I will have it for decades) or you can find an amazing one from J.Crew or Banana Republic that also have great quality.  That being said, it is a STAPLE in my closet and I cannot imagine a full wardrobe without it included.  Not only does it bode well to the changing seasons but it also screams chic.

Also, I just have to give a shout of love to this scarf/wrap.  I know that it isn't the cheapest but it is quality from a mile away.  It is 100% cashmere and is one of the coziest things in my wardrobe.  For months, I decided that it was ridiculous purchase and couldn't fathom spending on it until I was able to touch one on our recent Santa Barbara trip (a travel guide will be coming soon!).  I fell in love and couldn't imagine anything softer or more luxe.  I also love that it is able to be turned into a wrap and can be folded a multitude of ways to create many different looks.  I actually really am craving it in another color (I'm thinking light pink or black next).  It's worth every penny.  

 | Trench:  Burberry (less expensive but great quality here & here) |  Scarf/Wrap: White & Warren |  Denim:  Joes  |  Top:  J.Crew (old; similar here) |  Heels:  Louboutin (love this less expensive version here; size up)  |  Handbag:  Prada (love this more affordable version) |  Sunnies:  Chanel  |

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