Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Santa Barbara Travel Guide

Hi Everyone!
If there's one thing that my husband and I love to do, it's explore new places.  For my birthday this year, we took a weekend trip down to Santa Barbara, CA.  I thought I would share my favorites with you as we had an absolutely outstanding time & I really believe that we discovered some gems!

Where to Stay:
Luxe:  San Ysidro Ranch


1.  Fess Parker

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2.  The Canary

This is where I would like to stay next time we go.  It is in the heart of SB and astonishingly beautiful!
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Affordable:  Hotel Milo

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 What to do:

Shop State Street:

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State Street is the shopping mecca of SB.  I enjoyed the boutiques and regular stores alike.  My favorites included Restoration Hardware, Nordstrom (I mean who doesn't?!), various antique shops, and Wendy Foster (a glorious boutique full of cashmere & quality pieces-shown below).

Visit the Courthouse:
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We explored the courthouse and I must say it is like a mini mission!  There is so much history and beautiful architecture!  In addition, if you climb all of the stairs to the top of the bell tower, there is a beautiful 360 view of the city that is absolutely breathtaking!  We spent about a half hour just staring off at the city and taking pictures of the beauty!  It is a must see!

Visit the Zoo & Santa Barbara Mission:
These are two things that are on my list for SB next time we visit.  I am so excited to see both!

Where to Eat:

Coffee:  The French Press

I enjoyed a snazzy Almond Milk Vanilla Latte and eyeballed all of the pastries.  I loved the atmosphere here! 

Lunch: Pickles & Swiss
 We had an amazing lunch here.  I had the Chipotle Turkey Club & Tomato Soup.  It was so scrumptious.  I wish it was a chain so that we had the ability to have it more often.  Simply Delish!

Dinner:  Finch & Fork

This restaurant was the highlight of my birthday weekend in Santa Barbara.  This was literally the best dinner that I've ever had in my life.  I'm not exaggerating.  
I started off my night with an amazing Guava Margarita that was infused with habanero extract that was nothing like anything I'd ever had before in my life.  It was so unique and yummy!
We enjoyed the breaded macaroni and cheese.  It was the best mac & cheese with a luxe flair that I've ever had.
The star of the show was the Rib Eye.  Every single bite of steak was cooked to perfection and seasoned better than any piece of meat I've ever eaten.  I honestly would have paid triple the price for such a good steak.  I'm dying to go back to SB just for this alone.  
This wonderful restaurant brought me a delightful SMORES surprise for my birthday.  I devoured every bit possible and honestly wished my stomach was bigger to accommodate all of it.

This is now the reason I was craving going back to SB.  This dinner was the best I've eaten and honestly wish it was closer to our home so that we had the ability to go much more often!

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Hope you enjoyed this guide!

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