Thursday, November 20, 2014

.:Chunky Sweaters:.

//Sweater:  Gap (old; love this nearly identical inexpensive one) // Shirt:  J.Crew (love this) // Leggings:  Express // Flats:  Steve Madden//

Fall layers are where it's at.  I feel like I am on constant repeat talking about how much I love Fall and how excited I am to be layering.  Sorry.  The truth is, I just can't get over the fact that I actually like the clothes that are in my closet right now.  All summer I was annoyed with my wardrobe because it never quite felt like the perfect outfit.  I'm starting to learn that I live for cold weather.  I hate the heat because I cannot layer.  

That being said, the ability to take a button up and layer a chunky sweater on top of it makes me smile.  In order to balance out such a chunky sweater, I opted for skinny leggings and slim flats to help elongate my frame.  My biggest Fall and Winter tip is if you do decide to add on bulkier layers, make sure that the rest of your outfit fits closely to your body so that it doesn't overwhelm or add weight to your frame.



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