Monday, November 17, 2014


//Sweater:  Target // Scarf:  ASOS // Denim:  Hudson // Boots:  Minnetonka // Sunnies:  Tiffany & Co//

Four Things:

This inexpensive sweater from target is so soft and cuddly…and it's in one of the best colors known to mankind!  

The scarf is wonderfully huge and could envelop my entire body.. it adds to much warmth and texture to an outfit!

Every now and then, I love to bring out my what I refer to as "hippie boots"…my husband on the other hand completely despises them.  I love the playful and interesting nature that they add to an outfit.  Despite what others may think, I absolutely love them.  Sometimes, you just have to dress for you…after all, if we dressed for men, we would just run around naked all of the time right? lol!

This weekend, I also purchased a new wonderful handbag.  Clare Vivier is never on sale…except for right now.  This bag is 30% off with the code "holiday30" until the 18th.  Grab her while you can because time is ticking!


Hope you had an amazing weekend!



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