Friday, December 12, 2014

.:Christmas Party Attire:.

This weekend is the start of Christmas Party season for my husband and me.  Below are some of my favorites for celebrating the season.  

holiday looks

Row One:  
Budget Friendly Options: 
These adorable affordable options will showcase your gorgeousness in fancy heels and show stopping sparkle.  The sweater/skirt combination will keep you toasty while still looking stunning.

Row Two: 
High Meets Low:
// Sweater // Skirt // Pumps 1 or 2 //
This high meets low look showcases a GORGEOUS gold skirt that will catch anyone's eye.  The skirt should be the focus of your look.  In order to contrast it & keep it the star of the show, opt for simple options to combine with it (such as the black sweater & heels).  To add an element of added glamour add the studded pumps.  With this combination, you're sure to get noticed.

Row Three: 
Tough Meets Girly:
I am in love with this combination.  As you all know, I am obsessed with juxtaposition.  I wandered through so many stores searching for the perfect dress.  When I saw this baby with it's leather and lace combination I knew that I had found the one.  In order to sweeten it up a little, adding a pair of girly heels such as the pair above and a leopard clutch for added interest will seal the deal.  

Happy Celebrating!

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