Wednesday, December 17, 2014


//Sweater:  The Limited (sold out online; love this) // Leggings:  Target // Wellies:  Hunter // Handbag:  Celine // 

I used to be the girl that liked tighter clothing.  The one that firmly believed that anything oversized made you look bigger than you were.  It's funny how your outlook can change and you grow out of things you once loved and believed.  I really have a tendency now to gravitate to anything that is slightly oversized.  My 22 year old self would probably cringe at the outfits that I love now as much as I cringe at the tighter clothing that I loved then.  I feel safe in saying that as I get older, my views may be changing on my clothing (as they are in many aspects of my life), but I do feel that it is for the better.  We should always be moving toward becoming better people; whether that is in terms of dressing or our outlook on life.  I truly believe that I'm on that path to leading a happier life (in terms of better outfits & life outlook) on a daily basis, because every day you live should be slightly better than the last one.



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