Tuesday, January 20, 2015


//Vest:  J.Crew (love this similar option too) // Shirt:  J.Crew Factory // Pants:  Express // Flats:  Steve Madden // Handbag:  Celine // Sunnies:  Chanel //

Well, I officially tested myself today.  I decided to go "shopping."  It didn't quite go as usual however.  It was a window shopping kind of day.  


Did I see things that I thought were uber adorable?  Heck yes.  

Am I slowly building a wish list of things that I think should find their way into my wardrobe?  Possibly.

Do I feel sad and like I've cheated myself out of one of my favorite pastimes? Not even close.

It really seems to me as the days go on that I'm pretty happy with my closet.  I still have tons of things that I've only worn a few times that I can't wait to remix & re-imagine into new outfits. (We will see how I feel 24 days from now).

Now, I know what you're thinking…what gives?  The answer is, I'm not sure.  Two things come to mind:

Maybe the more that I'm being forced to look at all of the wonderful purchases that I've already made, I'm feeling more and more content.  I also feel as though I already have a pretty solid wardrobe and will be scrutinizing each purchase that comes into my closet a little closer.  Also, I completely have fallen in love with mixing and matching my pieces together to create something new.  It's like art in my eyes.

Another thing that might be helping me get through losing one of my hobbies is creating others.  I've started running again.  Running used to be my everything.  It frees me and gives me a longer high than shopping does.  I think it might be a good idea once the challenge is done if I'm feeling tempted to purchase something, to go for a run.  A good run seems to clear my head like nothing else can.  It kind of readjusts my viewpoint on the world. I think next time, if possible, that I'm about to click the purchase button on an item, I will force myself to put on my running shoes.  If, when I return from running, I still wish to purchase the item, it's fine to do so.  However, I have a feeling that those purchases will be better decided and fewer.  My goal is to buy less but choose well.  I think I've been on a great track in doing that.

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