Monday, January 12, 2015

.:Love Your Closet Challenge:.

Hi Everyone!  

I have a HUGE & SCARY announcement…for the next 30 days, 

Sam, from Life and Messy Hair, and I have decided to team up to host a "Love Your Closet" Challenge!  This is a no shopping challenge where for the next thirty-ish days, we will be creating 30 different outfits solely from our closets alone.  The challenge will run from January 14th to February 14th.  Basically, for the next 30 days, I am challenging myself to not purchase any clothes or accessories and to wear and love things in my closet that I haven't worn in a while.

Now, I know what you're thinking…why the heck would a shopaholic like me want to do such a thing?!  Well, the answer is pretty basic.  I have a propensity to shop too much.  I shop when I'm emotionally charged…happy, sad, name it…I shop.  It's pretty ridiculous!  I used to run when I got all emotional and was able to get the same type of excitement from it.  Well, while I realize that I'm never going to stop loving shopping (and that's okay), I don't want to have emotions be one of the forces behind it.  I want to buy things solely because I can't stand living without them.  Therefore, for the next 30 days, anytime that I feel that need to hand over my debit card, I'm going to try to go for a run. Another thing that you probably don't know about me…something that is stronger in my than my shopaholic tendencies:  I am completely headstrong & perseverant!  If I am ever told that a task is out of reach, I will ALWAYS find a way to accomplish it.  That being said, I plan to tackle and complete this challenge!

Another reason that I feel that this challenge is necessary for me is because I don't always allow myself enough time to enjoy my new purchases before I've moved onto the next one.  I feel like as soon as I've worn something, I'm onto the next purchase.  That being said, I absolutely love my closet full of clothes.  It's gorgeous.  The pieces have (for the most part been stewed over) and are all totally loved.  However, since I do love so many of them, I find it so very sad that I never have the chance to re-wear those pieces that made my heart flutter more than a couple of times.  This challenge will help to change that.

That being said, I am completely excited to shop my closet and rediscover all of those gems that have been hiding! I am thrilled at the opportunity to get creative with what I have!

I also know what you're thinking…"Seriously a month of no shopping?!  Won't you be completely bored at the end of the month with your closet?"

The answer is possibly.  However, I kind of doubt it.  I have a plan in mind that I would love to share with you on how to tackle your closet as well!  Here are my tips for shopping your closet:

1.  Take a mental inventory of your closet.  What do you already have?  
Chances are, if you already have 3 striped tee shirts, next time you are out shopping, you should keep walking when you debate purchasing another one.  
Do you have tons of black but are lacking color?  Then next time your shopping walk away from the black and pick up some brights!  
Would you be able to create three new outfits from pieces in your closet if you just purchased on item? Then that might be something worth purchasing.  

2.  Browse Pinterest.
When inspiration is lacking, pick up your computer and browse.  When I have an item that I'm not sure how to wear, I type in that item on Pinterest and start getting inspired!  For example, I got a red skirt in the mail a few weeks ago and for the life of me could only think of a few ways to style it.  I got on Pinterest and typed in "red skirt outfit" and a slew of inspiration came up!

3.  Build Your Outfit From One Piece.  
Most often when I select my outfit for the day, I begin building it off of one of my favorite pieces in my closet.  Often it might be a necklace or a great pair of shoes that just makes me feel happy to put on.  From there, I then pull items that go with that said piece.  Thinking about your outfit in pieces is a lot easier than trying to envision it as a whole from the start!

4.  Organize Your Closet.
A messy closet is super difficult to create an outfit it.  Start off by organizing it.  I like to put all of the same type of clothing together (sweaters, ponchos, long sleeve tops, short sleeve tops, skirts, etc.) and from there, organize them by color.  In doing this, my closet not only looks better, but I also have the tendency to want to spend more time building outfits that I love.  

5.  Plan Ahead.
Nothing sabotages you more than trying to pick your outfit first thing in the morning when you are dead tired and already late for work.  In order to make this challenge work, I will *cross my fingers* be selecting my outfits the night before in hopes of creating outfits that I love rather than the "I had to throw something together" outfit because I ran out of precious time in the morning.

I hope these tips are helpful in helping you to shop your closet!  Sam & I would absolutely love for all of you to join us in the 30 day no shopping "Love Your Closet" challenge!  It is super simple to join us!  All you have to do is upload your picture on instagram with the hashtag #LoveYourClosetChallenge.

Be sure to visit my instagram here & Sam's here!  We are so excited to get started on Wednesday!




  1. I'm in! I am a new blogger, just started last week! My first blog was somewhat similar to this post. Should be fun and challenging...I will have it as my next post and give you credit! Any advice for this new blogger?