Friday, January 16, 2015


//Sweater:  Kohls // Denim:  Hudson //
// Woven Black Crossbody// Flats:  Valentino //

I fell in love with this top when I found it a few weeks ago.  It's soft and effortless. The crochet detailing makes me feel like it's something special rather than your plain old gray sweater. This could be as adorable with a skirt or leather pants as it is with jeans. I'm looking forward to styling this one even more.

It's day three of my #LoveYourClosetChallenge (read about it here).  So far so good!  I haven't caved yet.  I must confess that I'm a wee bit worried about the weekend.  Shopping is often part of the weekend for me (even if it's just to Target).  I am so hoping that I don't find something that I completely fall in love with and cave.  I am determined to make it.  A lot of the time, window shopping can be just as fun for me as actual shopping.


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  1. I'm worried about the weekend too! The weekdays haven't been so bad because I have work, workouts, stuff to keep me busy. But the weekends! Those are my run around and do what I want (shop lol) days. I hope I don't get bored!